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Roxie McTerrier (テリエーロシーエ) (KIDS MODE)

This is the progress report of "Aeon Curse Of Spirit" (Project 14), where the latest improvements will be made in what is related to the character "Roxie McTerrier", as you will realize the character was still in development and similarly in terms of his attacks, however much of his attacks are already designed and it was a matter of making such attacks , it should also be noted that some small adjustments were made to what would be the attack template also known as (Movement List) for each of the characters, as you can see, both lists have already been added that correspond to the "Normal" movements and the Movements with the "Children Mode". Below is a short list of improvements in this Version of Project 14 called "View."

Roxie McTerrier (テリエーロシーエ)

Roxie McTerrier Enhancements

  1. Crouch Stance: Added the animation of "Crouch Stance" which is activated at a certain time when the character runs out of any instruction from the player while crouching.
  2. Ball Rain Move: Added special move called "Ball Rain" and its corresponding button variants.
  3. Corrections: Some problems have been fixed in terms of the artificial intelligence of the character, as well as new sounds have been added to the character.

Corrections in The Overall Project

  1. Audio and Music: the missing "Loopings" have been added in the songs that did not yet have one of their own, as well as the final battle songs for the characters were added.
  2. Bebilities: Some improvements have been added to the characters' abilities, this case focused on fixing and improving the "OPT" and "DEAD-PAN" abilities."

⚠ Problems Found

  1. Damage Leveling: A problem has been found that can cause characters to over-count in a certain period of hits, rather than the opposite.
  2. Time of Waiting for the "Breacklimit": A problem has been found that causes the character to enter "Breack" when one of his attacks is being executed, which causes a control problem towards the affected character, this means that by not having control over the character, the character can no longer enter its Normal or Ready to Fight mode.

Our sites have been inactive for a long time, however the reasons why it had not been published or updated before was for work reasons, our computer engineers have been able to develop some applications and Moderators that allow the automation of both sites with only one call post that we have on the central site of the organization. We will continue working on adding more things to the project, we know that it has already taken quite some time, but understand that a project of this magnitude takes a lot of time, apart from that we have been seeing the new Redmond system known as "Windows 11", which by the way it should be noted that project 14 will be free for everyone at the time of its departure , so it is not sold the project for many issues, however we will be in constant communication with each of the brands that appear in the project since as we say in Sudowncat, they are the ones who have the last word.

As you can see, we officially added the character called "Roxie McTerrier" to the project, however this will only be accessible at the end of the third end of the project which is the mission known as "Stage Phantasm" which consists of finishing a "Bonus Rush" of "Survival" either simultaneous mode or alone, however for it to be considered as the third ending this must be completed using the special Stage called "Paw Tucket" , it should also be mentioned that this will be the key character to have the continuation towards Map B of the Project.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Kids Mode In Aeon The Free Flight

This blog entry is only to provide knowledge of what is and how to serve Kids Mode of Project 14 and how to activate this blissful mode.

About Kids Mode Version:

This mode is only for those beginners who are just knowing the functionality of game, this can be selected with commands "Y"-"X" of Xbox Controller or with the keys "C"-"S" at the time of selecting character. This mode changes original commands and replaces them for kids Mode commands, which are easier to operate. It is possible that during this mode some original commands of character are not found or are eliminated. So also this mode limits some parameters of character as can be vitality, power or magic, mind or stamina and BreackLimit.

Note: This mode is not supported in Simul Team mode that have CPU as a companion, and will only be available to the main.

Below is an example of how to differentiate modes in a character.

Russell Ferguson is only one that can evade these conditions if this activate INT ability in Normal mode, immediately activate Kids Mode, without affecting the vitality or other parameters, and if this in Simul Team will activate it to partner if this is or not compatible.

February Update (PRJ14-

Hello to all our followers, and a few days ago that nothing was published in our page insider and there is a very good explanation which is the following, as they remember a year ago that the new version of Littlest Pet Shop The so-called "Littlestst Pet Shop a World Of Our Own" has come out, since the last time we arrived a little late with this LPS2012 Char (which is called as Zoe Trent) because we did not want to wait this time and do as perfectly as possible to the first characters in this new series.

Roxie McTerrier (テリア ロヂーエ)

It is very rare when you make a char and suddenly takes that peculiarity of a character in this case we touched for the first time with Roxie, this character has a very peculiar attitude which is very easy to put in some situation, besides that this his partner Jade Catkin (猫キン ジャデ ), it should be mentioned that we had never faced a character of so much effort mainly in the attacks, because as expected in Littlest Pet Shop either Version 2012 and 2018 are too difficult to give some skill or special attack to the character, In this was not the exception, so we were so long in the development of Roxie as well as a discussion plan if we did or not, because as all decisions are taken by both surveys and corporate decision.

It will be soon when we publish the list of the movements of Roxie McTerrier at the moment we will continue updating the character to the point of reaching the 75% finished because the public version to be released for the famous MUGEN is only 75% the other 25% be Only available for the Version fighters VS Pets for Sudowncat, then we will leave a preview video showing the advance of Roxie McTerrier to 38%.

Owned by Sudowncat Corporation and associated brands.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

News Wallpapers Of Aeon Sweting Golden Wing And More..


Hello Sudowncat followers, get to know our new wallpapers, this wallpapers are always in resolution above 4k, remember that the wallpapers of series Aeon Sweting Golden Wing and Aeon The Free Flight, among other series that are created for part Sudowncat Corporation, they are totally free, you can purchase free wallpapers on our wallpaper or buy directly from Sudowncat Store. Know the latest wallpapers that have been created directly from our DeviantArt.

News Movements For Russell Ferguson From Littlest Pet Shop

Hello Sudowncat followers, learn about the latest developments that have been given to character Russel Ferguson from Littlet Pet Shop, the attacks that have been added for the moment are listed below (For moment the list of movements is in the Japanese language.):

Movements Special List:

  • 保護有刺 (Finish)
  • 我慢 (In Progress)
  • 有刺飛行 (Finish)
  • サプライズ攻撃 (In Progress)
  • 補助鳥 (In Progress)
  • 鳥素晴らしさ (In Progress)
  • ボール有刺 (Finish)
  • 火の玉 (In Progress)
Finished To 42%

Video Preview Aeon The Free Flight (Russell ferguson) Published For Sudowncat Corp. if you want to read the description of video you can do it click here.

Littlest Pet Shop Characters (Coming Soon)

M.U.G.E.N 24_02_2018 01_15_10 p. m.

Hello Sudowncat Followers, we inform you that Littlest Pet Shop characters will be available only for Sudowncat MUGE2VS Fighters program, if you want characters for MU.G.E.N program, you will have to acquire characters for separately (buy only in store), we will inform you when they are available for purchase. These will have a cost of $25.00 USD.

We invite you to donate for Sudowncat Corporation, this way you will be helping to continue creating characters and programs that will benefit you. You can donate here, the donation is safe for part of our partners.